The <DIV>Checker
If you are coding by hand, i.e. write your own HTML or PHP code, you are probably well aware of the need to match <DIV>HTML tags. I wrote this simple utility to verify that every <DIV>tag has a matching closing tag.
The utility will attempt to guess which tags do not have a matching pair. It is quite difficult to infer when you encounter such errors therefore we recommend to add HTML comments to each closing <DIV>tag specifying the <DIV>id or class it is referring to.
This is an example of a proper closing <DIV>tag: </DIV><!--SomeDivId-->

Some new features:
Closing div tags' comments are now showing
Columns are now coloured to ease visual matching
Div errors are implied in Yellow (only if you bother to add closing div comments in the format I showed above)

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